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Kids Gardening

About Us

The Grow Fresh Project is Furniture Helpline's new project, generously funded by The National Lottery!

Specially designed for those of us who are struggling with the cost of food, we are giving away vegetable growing packs and online learning to eligible residents.

The packs are also available to buy and make a great gift, and the proceeds help us continue our work with the community's more vunerable families.

We've all been feeling the pinch recently. First the Covid lockdowns and now the ongoing cost of living crisis - sometimes it's hard to make ends meet.

Did you know that last year food banks in the UK gave out a record number of food parcels? Nearly three million. And over a million to children.

That's why we've teamed up with The National Lottery to bring you The Grow Fresh Project.

If you're receiving help from the food bank and are a Bordon resident, you can sign up for your free multipack of vegetable seeds, all specially chosen because they're easy to grow. You don't even need a garden because most can be grown in a pot!

Growing your own is a great way to beat the ever increasing cost of food, and with our online video lessons you'll find it so easy!

Organic Vegetables
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